We promise delicious every step of the way

Whether tart and fruity or rich and creamy, we begin each batch of flavor by blending fresh fruits, milk, sugar and other fine ingredients. Our small batch process of making only a few quarts of each flavor at a time by a team of chefs ensures our flavors are especially rich, dense and fruitful as freeze pop aficionados expect in a premium freeze pop. Be ready to enjoy your freshly made, deliciously rich freeze pops.


Fruity Base (non-dairy): Purified Water, Fruit Juice Puree & Pulp, Cane Sugar, Citric Acid, Tylose Powder.

Citric Acid is a natural fruit acid that helps maintain the natural taste of our pops once they're frozen. Tylose Powder is a cooking powder we use to help maintain the softness of our freeze pops once they're frozen. 

Creamy Base (dairy) : Purified Water, Evaporated Milk, Natural Flavor, Concentrate Flavor, Cinamon, Cane Sugar, Tylose Powder.

Allergy Warning: Peanuts, other nuts, dairy, eggs, soy, wheat/gluten & other common allergens are used at the Breezy Pop location. Although we strive to keep these items separate, it is impossible to guarantee that your Breezy Pops will be free of these ingredients.