Delicious + Refreshing freeze pops! 

Breezy Pop was founded in 2010 and since then we have made it our mission to make the best tasting freeze pops in Arizona. It all started with the love and help of our grandma (a.k.a Abuelita Coco). With tons of ice cream making experience in Mexico, she encouraged our family to start making natural freeze pops Latin American style! We were in and she taught us everything we had to know including her famous "secret recipe". From our Creamy Horchata that is filled with rich amounts of cinnamon to our Sweet n' Sour Lemon, check out our flavors and we bet you'll have more than one favorite! 

Flavors From Around The World 

Throughout the year we'll be introducing new flavors from all over the world. Looking into fruits and specialty drinks that have been around for centuries but have not reached the mainstream food scene. A few of the countries we will be looking into includes Brazil, Philipines, Morroco, China, Costa Rica, Spain, and many other more! We're passionate about sharing the goodness of earth through our delicious freeze pops so you can enjoy them with your family and loved ones. 

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