Living Breezy from the very beginning

How it all began

It all started with the love & guidance of Brandon's abuelita! One Christmas holiday she came from Mexico to visit his family in 2009. And while eating tamales during Christmas Eve, she gave Brandon's family the idea of making & selling freeze pops here in Arizona. In her own words, she said that “the Arizonan weather is very warm and people need something that is both healthy and refreshing during the heat wave”.

In the coming days Brandon's abuelita purchased a freeze pop machine and it was on its way to his house. The machine arrived safely and we were ready to start! 

 Abuelita Coco - Founder

Abuelita Coco - Founder

  Brandon O - Co. Founder

 Brandon O - Co. Founder

The teaching begins

Her first lesson was to always be happy and in a positive mood when making Breezy Pops. She said that it is important to be with good vibes because they will eventually transfer into the raw ingredients of the finished product and affect its deliciousness. And being a perfectionist, she would constantly remind Brandon that every Breezy Pop has to be consistent in quality. Brandon learned everything from how to pick and select the best fruit to how to properly mix the batch together. It took Brandon a couple trials and errors, but in a couple of weeks he learned how to successfully make delicious tasting freeze pops! 

Time to sell

Brandon and his abuelita figured that the best way to enter the market and start their new journey was to go selling door to door in their neighborhood. Brandon's first day selling was an amazing learning experience. They sold out of Breezy Pops in just two hours and it felt amazing! Brandon's confidence rose because of what was accomplished and no longer was he abuelita's little grandson! 

Abuelita's tips to selling:

  1. Greet the customer(s) in a friendly manner
  2. Show them the tasty Breezy Pops
  3. Politely ask if they would like to purchase

Her tips were simple and hard to implement at the same time. And to this day, Breezy Pop still uses the same formula with ongoing success. Not knowing how much hard work would be required to put into the business, Brandon quickly made it his biggest dream and fully committed to making Breezy Pop the “Gold-Standard” in making Latin American frozen treats across the United States. For the first four years Brandon sold Breezy Pops door to door in his surrounding neighborhoods and the high school he attended. Every day Brandon would bring his red lunchbox to school and when someone saw him carrying it they knew he had the "good stuff" (Breezy Pops of course). Word-of-mouth quickly spread and everyone wanted to taste these delicious treats. It was an instant success! Hungry students were craving something refreshing that was very tasty and Breezy Pops filled the need perfectly.

Keeping the Breezy Culture alive

Demand for Breezy Pops quickly escalated. The first few weeks Brandon would bring 20 Breezy Pops per day and they would sell out within his first two classes! He needed to keep up with demand and full with faith and eagerness Brandon hired five of his friends and they all started selling them at school. Brandon's friends would also get the famous “red lunch box”. Sales increased from 20 Breezy Pops a day to selling 120 each day in just one school semester.

Our mission is to provide and exceptional Latin American cultural experiences by building a business where the community can be inspired and filled with happiness through our frozen treats. Breezy Pop also hopes to serve as a positive inspiration to young students by encouraging them to become young entrepreneurs and create stable jobs for their community.