Company Mission: Our mission is to provide exceptional Latin American cultural experiences by building a business where the community can be inspired and filled with happiness through our frozen treats.

Available Positions: Events staff, Kitchen Staff


Events Staff

  • Represent Breezy Pop at farmers markets and other special events

  • Customer Service

Kitchen Staff

  • Cut fruits and help make flavor batches

  • Use freeze pop machine


  • Great Communication Skills

  • Excellent Customer Service

  • Punctual

  • Honest

Description: We are looking for staff that loves talking to people and making new friends at the events and locations we will be attending. This job is designed to teach various skills that are important to future business owners. The farmers markets run Sat mornings and last an average of 5 hours.  

Pay: We compensate our event staff on commission or $11 an hour (whichever is higher). On commission base our staff earns an average of $11-15 hour.

Kitchen staff we pay $12 hr. 

Job Application: If interested in being part of our team please complete the job application below. Thanks!

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