Delicious & Refreshing Freeze Pops

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Tasty & Healthy Alternative To The High-Fructose, Artificially Colored Pops

Breezy Pops are natural freeze pops made with 100% whole fruits and clean ingredients.

We make new batches every week so you can bring home the freshest and most delicious tasting pops to your home freezer.

We got started back in 2009 with the help of our grandma and ever since we’re on a mission to bring back a childhood favorite with a FRUITY BAM!

Say goodbye to artificial pops that are made with weird ingredients and sweetened with lots of high-fructose corn syrup.

And feel safe giving these to your kids because Breezy Pops have a great taste without the junk.

They’re the perfect summer pops for both kiddos & adults!

Fruity & Creamy Flavors